At “Integral garden and landscape concepts” we are passionate about the incredible co-creative potential that exists between nature and humans. Reviving this essential alliance has never been more important, and our work aims at promoting it with the designing of productive, diverse and living landscapes.

Integral comes from the Latin word integrare and means “to make whole”. In the permaculture philosophy, integrating then means taking all the elements that are present (people, plants, animals, infrastructure, etc.) and arrange them so that they support each other and, together, make a whole system that is self-sustaining and beneficial to all.


How can we do that? There are several details but basically we observe nature and learn her lessons of efficiency and intelligent design. Then we can apply nature’s lessons to our own systems, being always pragmatic and aware of our actual needs and the needs of the environment we are living in.

This is an iterative process, meaning that we never really cease to learn and adjust, and we never get stuck in a given way or method. It is also an interactive process, meaning that we need to collaborate with the people, the plants and the animals that are present to make sure the system works as it should, or to know how to adjust it if it doesn’t.

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