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Typically, people want a more productive system, a more ecological one, and/or intelligently solve specific problems they have on their property. Any property has the potential to be beautiful, productive and sustainable. Organizing such a system can however be a daunting task. Our expertise can show you the way and help you overcome the specific challenges of your piece of land. A careful and thoughtful planning is indeed an important part of gardening and landscaping ventures because it helps avoiding many problems and extra costs down the road of implementation, whatever the size or actual costs of implementation. Success is a matter of design quality!

At Loranger – Permaculture, we are glad to accompany you through this process, whether you only require a short consultation or a complete design. All of our consultations and designs are based on the permaculture ethics as well as your wishes and visions. This generally means a reduction of ressource use, increasing yields, low maintenance costs, and as minimal inputs on your part as possible; all this while benifitting your environment.


A special offer includes bee landscape designs, which center on the particular needs of bees and beekeepers. This is for anyone whose priority it is to help bees and other pollinators, be it on a small garden or on a large piece of land.


We are also glad to give professional topic presentations or information sessions on diverse aspects of permaculture (social, ecology, economy, food production, ethics, design and planning, food forest, and so on), or participate in public educational events or school day.

We are looking forward to receiving your request via our contact form or e-mail. Upon reception of your message, we will contact you with further questions or directly arrange an appointment, depending on the information you provided.

Field of Phacelia tanacetifolia
Passau international apitherapy congress 2018 - Jessy & Hannah Loranger